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In English

Below, two tales recorded in Oct 2013 in Cushendall + a short bio.
Philippe Sizaire performed in English : in Sept.2013 as part of the Emerging Storytellers Concert at the Cape Clear International Storytelling Festival, he also gave a guest concert with the Dublin Yarnspinners ; in October 2013 at the Ghost in the Glens Festival (Cushendall) in Northern Ireland ; in Toronto at the invitation of storyteller Dan Yashinsky ; in 2010 at three festivals in Poland : Sztuki Opowiadania (Warsaw), Działań Kreatywnych (Łeba) and Festival of Intangible Heritage (Warsaw) ; in 2010 at the Copenhaguen Løve’s Bog Café.

Philippe Sizaire works actively as a storyteller in his native France and tells his inspiring, poetic and humoresque stories in the most diverse places : theaters, festivals, libraries, apartments, cultural centers, gardens, schools, colleges, universities, artists’ studios, cafes and bars, streets and paths.
He works mostly with musicians and likes to think of his stories as short movies - the music contributing to meaning, feeling, rhythm, structure, mental images and necessary counterpoint.
His company creates and manages intercultural projects. Recent successful projects include "Contes en Bal" (combining storytelling, song, and traditional dance) and "Tales Looking For a Home" (which reintroduces music and orality in private living areas). Overall he has created nine shows since 2002, performed over 800 times throughout the French and English-speaking world.
As well as a Storyteller he is also a lyricist (for late actor and singer Serge Reggiani, among others), and also works as an author, director, and trainer in public speaking and writing.
He enjoys working with the body, looking for an original oral writing, and seeks direct engagement with the audience at the intersection of disciplines (storytelling, music, song and dance). He is particularly interested in the working language of the body and has collaborated with a number of dancers and choreographer on projects.